“As a former massage therapist and someone who has received massages for over 30 years, I am newly delighted each time I visit Sara. She has a unique combination of gentle, yet powerful hands, and an accompanying sensitivity that has a profound impact on me each time I receive a massage from her.She is knowledgeable, trustworthy, generous and kind. What better combination of qualities could a client hope for?”
Jenny – Decatur, GA


“I first went to Sara when I was 5 months pregnant with twins. I ached all over and was in need of relief in my legs, shoulders, ribs, and lower back. She listened to the specific issues I was having and said she would target those areas. The moment Sara put her hands on me I knew it was going to be a great massage. For the first time in weeks I felt comfortable laying down as she had pillows and props to relieve pressure in the right areas. She used a perfect amount of pressure and really worked on the issues I was having. An hour later I walked out of her office a completely new woman. I decided to book her regularly through out my pregnancy and looked forward to those appointments with excitement. And now that I’ve had my twins, I still see her and recommend her to all my friends.”
Camber – Atlanta, GA


“I have been a regular, weekly massage client since I began training for my first NYC marathon, which I ran in 1998. As such, I have dealt with many massage therapists over the years, and can unequivocally state that Sara’s professional expertise, which is excellent, was made all the more so by the personal sensitivity and warmth that she was able to communicate, not only through her hands, but in her very presence. This is a special quality that enhances the massage experience, and it’s relaxing and stress-relieving aspects.”
Laura – New York City, NY


“Before I had my son I had in mind an ideal birth that would be intimate and sacred.  I envisioned birth as a private and special family transformation. I knew that it would also be intensely physically challenging, and I hoped by having a skilled birth team that I would have the support and comfort I needed to get through the difficult moments and be able to revel in the joyous ones. Having Sara at my birth helped me to make these aspirations a real part of my birth experience.

My husband and I had already had a wonderful home birth. But it was intense and exhausting for us both and the midwives had their hands full with the delivery and aftercare of my baby. Having a doula at my second home birth took the edge off for my husband, making him more available to me emotionally through the trying times and allowing him to steal a moment to catch his breath and have a drink of water when he needed one. Sara was a friendly shoulder to lean on as my contractions became more concentrated and was very helpful in easing me through different positions and keeping me hydrated and comfortable. I am deeply appreciative of the extra support she provided through the pushing stage- my son came down with an arm up and that was especially challenging. Sara’s expertise in pressure points, positions, and massage were invaluable. She held my hand and rubbed my back when I needed her. She gave me the sweetest words of encouragement through a tough transition. And when I just needed some intimate time with my husband, daughter, and our new son after the birth, she was a gentle support in the background.

I met Sara through her prenatal massage services, which I also highly recommend. She has incredibly strong hands and an intuitive sense of touch. She has been throughpregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period herself and her empathy adds to her skill and expertise. When we were preparing for the labor she gave me some great tips for stretches and exercises and showed my husband some pressure points that gave me a lot of relief for the pains I was feeling in my back and hips. After birth I continued to seeSara for the lingering soreness of labor and easing the toll breastfeeding was taking on my back and neck. Sara is an incredibly talented healer, and we treasure the warmth andthe strength she has added to our birth experience.”

Rosa – Decatur, GA